Saturday, 9 August 2014

Mutton Kasha

Beaten curd:4 tbsp
Mustard oil:3 tbsp
Bay leaves:2
Onion:3,large,finely chopped-do not make paste or grate it
Ginger-garlic paste:1 tbsp
Kashmiri red chili powder:1 tbsp or little more
Turmeric:1 tsp
Cumin powder:1 tsp
Shahi garam masala:1 tbsp.
Tamarind paste:1 tsp
Hot water:1 cup


Marinate the mutton  with four table spoons of curd and salt to taste. 

Keep it marinated for at least 2 hours or keep it overnight in the refrigerator to get a better result.

In a heavy bottomed pan (kadai), take three tbsp of mustard oil and heat it well. 

Add two bay leaves, and finely chopped onions, and one tbsp of ginger garlic paste . 

Reduce the heat to medium and let the onions and ginger garlic paste cook well till they change colour and release oil. 

Add the mutton along with the curd, raise the flame to high and stir the mutton well for around three to four minutes. 

Stir it well and frequently else the bottom of the pan may get burnt.

Add one tbsp of kashmiri red chilly powder, one tbsp of freshly ground garam masala powder and one tsp each of cumin powder and turmeric powder. 

Mix well at mid flame and stir it for another one minute. 

Then lower the flame and let  cook for 20 minutes. You need to stir the mix at regular intervals. 

Add one tsp of tamarind paste and mix it well. 

Add one small cup of water or till the mutton is submerged, cover the pan and lower the sim. Wait till the mutton has softened. 

At this stage if you feel the meat is not softening enough, put it in pressure cook for five minutes or two whistles. 

Cook till the onion and garlic paste along with the oil coat the meat well. 

Served with parathas, loochis or rotis.

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