Monday, 2 September 2013

Doodh diye Chicken(Chicken cooked in milk)

It is a very easy to cook dish,takes only half an hour.Capsicum's flavour makes it special.



chopped capsicum-1

chopped green chillies-2

ginger paste-1 tbsp

chopped onion-2

whole black pepper-5

green cardamom-2


cinnamon-1/2 inch

bay leaf-1

Dry red chilly-1

milk-1 cup

sugar-1 tsp

sat to taste

mustard oil-1.5 cup    


Heat oil in a pressure cooker & add bay leaf & garam masala & whole pepper.

Fry chopped onion & capsicum with sugar.

Add chicken & ginger paste & cook till oil removes from side.

Add milk & close the lead of the cooker & cook till chicken becomes soft.

Serve with rice or roti. 

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