Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Dry Fruits Shrikhand

Fresh low fat yogurt:4 cups drained to get 1 cup of hung curd
Powdered sugar:200gm (I used artificial sweetener)
Cardamom powder:1 pinch
Saffron:1 pinch,soaked in 1 tsp of warm milk
Chopped Dry fruits:
Pistachios - 2 
Almonds - 3 
Cashew - 4 
Tutty Frutty:2-3(optional)
Raisins - 5

Let the yogurt hang for atleast 2-3 hrs to drain the water.
Mix it with the sugar to make a smooth paste-dont use mixer.
Mix the saffron milk & cardamom powder.
Keep it refrigerator.
Serve it chilled after garnishing with dry fruits.

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