Monday, 17 March 2014

Bong's Special Chicken Kasha

Chicken Kasha is a medium spicy dry chicken preparation for main course.

Chicken : 1 kg
Curd :4 tbsp
Tomato paste:1,medium
Ginger-Garlic paste : 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder:1/4 tsp
Kashmiri Chili powder :2 tsp,or little more
Finely chopped onion :2,large
Cinnamon sticks :2,one inch
Green cardamom :3 
Cloves : 3
Bay leaves:1
Green chilies :2-3
Sugar :2 tsp
Salt : To taste
Mustard oil : 4 tbsp


Marinate the chicken in curd,ginger-garlic paste,turmeric,2 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder,1 tbsp oil,salt and 1 tsp sugar for a 
1-2 hours.

Add the remaining sugar and caramelize to a golden brown colour.

Heat  1 tbsp oil in a kadai. 

Temper the bay leaves,whole garam masala. 

Fry the chopped onion till it turns golden & crispy.

Add the tomato paste & cook till the oil removes from sides.

Add the chicken with marinade & cook in simmer and stir well intermittently. 

Add little water if the gravy tends to stick in the pan.  
Add green chilli & remaining 1 tbsp oil and keep covered.

Cook till the chicken is soft.

Garnish with some fried onions.

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