Monday, 17 March 2014

Cold Cucumber Soup

Cucumbers are one of the lowest calorie vegetables with a lot of Vitamin C and potassium. 
One can never get fat eating cucumbers as they contain 96 % water.

Fresh cucumber:2,large
Low fat curd:1 cup
Low fat milk:1/2 cup
Chopped capsicum:1/2 tsp
Low fat butter:1/4 tsp
Rock salt and freshly ground black pepper powder to taste
a few mint leaves & ice cubes for topping

Chop half cucumber finely. 

Cut the remaining cucumbers into big pieces.

Add 1 cup of water to the big cucumber pieces and cook until soft.

When soft, blend & Cool.

Add the curd, milk and rock salt and beat well.

Heat the butter and fry the finely chopped cucumber and the capsicum for 1/ 2 minute. 

Add to the soup.

Chill and sprinkle freshly ground pepper.

Top with chopped mint leaves & ice cubes and serve.

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