Friday, 23 May 2014

Mocha Chingri (Prawn and Banana flower curry)

 Mocha (Banana flower): 1 medium
 Potatoes,cut into small cubes:2-3
 Prawns:300-400 gms,medium
 Grated coconut:about 2-3 cups(1 and half coconut will be required)
 Green chillies:2-3
 Bay leaf:1
 Cumin seeds:1 tsp
 Ginger paste:2 tbsp
 Cumin powder:1 tsp 
 red chilli powder: 1 tsp
 salt to taste 
 Sugar: 1-2 tsp
 roasted cumin powder:1 pinch
 Bengali garam masala powder( 1-2 tsp of ground green cardamom, cloves and cinnamon)
 Turmeric : 2 tbsp


Processing the banana flower:
 Smear your palms and fingers with oil and a bit of salt.

 Keep removing the petals until you reach the actual stalk, where you do see the petals but can’t really remove them.

 Grate the stalk as finely as possible ; take off the small banana buds and slit them open, getting rid of the pin-like stems 

 inside, and soak them in turmeric brine for at least 2-3 hours (the more you soak the better it is)

 Strain wash add some fresh turmeric and brine water and steam.

 Bring the grated flower out after about 10 minutes and squeeze out the water as much as possible.


 Heat about 3 tbsp or little more oil in a pan. 

 Sauté the shrimps (smeared in turmeric and salt) remove just as they turn color; add the poattoes and fry till they look  

crisp and golden.

 In the same oil, add bay leaf and cumin seeds for tempering.

 Add the coconut and fry till you get the aroma.

 Add the Mocha(banana flower) , all the spices except garam masala, and cook for 2-3 minutes.

 Add the shrimps and the fried potatoes and half a cup of warm water.

 Cook on high adding garam masala; add the green chillies.

 Remove from heat when the potatoes are fully cooked the curry is rich and creamy. 

 Add Ghee, garnish with roasted cumin powder and serve with plain rice.

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