Sunday, 11 May 2014

Thakur Barir Chhanar Kalia

"Kalia" is a spicy preparation from Bengali cuisine.
The gravy of the kalia is reddish & aromatic.
Onion paste/slices are fried in caramelised oil/ghee in Nonveg kalias & veg kalias.
To make a Jain style kalia onion is substituated with khoa/mawa.
I am sharing eminent Tagores'family's recipe of Paneer Kalia(Chhanar kaliya)
Recipe courtesy:Pragya Sundari Devi
She mentioned to cut the paneer into 1.5x1 inch pieces.
I kneaded the paneer with refined flour & cornflour(1:1) with a pinch of salt & garam masala powder to make kofta 

 Potato:3,medium,cut into halves (I didnt use)
 Dry whole red chilli:2-3(I used Kashmiri red chilli)
 Coriander seeds:1/2 tsp
 Ginger:2.5 inch
 Turmeric:2.5 inch(I used turmeric paste)
 Khoa:30 gm(I used 1/2 cup)
 Bay leaves:2,small
 Green cardamom:2
 Cinnamon:2(each 1 inch)
 Raisins:8-10 pieces(optional)

Cut the paneer into 1.5x1 inch pieces

Or,mash the paneer,add 1 tbsp of refined flour & 1 tbsp of cornflour,a pinch of salt & garam masala powder & knead well.

Make small koftas.(you will get about 8 koftas out of this)

Place a raisin at the center of the each kofta.

Make a paste of red chilli,coriander & ginger with little water.

Heat ghee.

Fry the khoa till it turns brown & then remove from the ghee.

Fry the koftas in the same ghee till they turn light brown & remove them.

Fry the potato pieces till they turn golden & remove them.

Temper with bay leaves & whole garam masala.

Add red chilli,coriander & ginger paste & cook till it becomes dry & then add the curd.

Cook till the water evaporates & then add the fried khoa.

Add 1 cup water & stir well.

Add kofta & potato when the gravy starts boiling.

Cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Add half tsp of ghee & remove from the flame & cover with a lid.

Serve it hot with rice/polao or luchi.

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