Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Easy recipe of Kosha Aloor Dum (Dry):Bengali Style Dum Aloo (Dry)

Onion,finely chopped:1,medium
Tomato,finely chopped:1,medium
Ginger-garlic paste:1 tbsp
Mustard oil:4-5 tbsp
Ghee:1/2 tsp
Whole cumin seeds:1/4 tsp
Cumin-coriander powder:1/2 tsp
Bay leaves:2-3
Whole garam masala:Cinnamon stick(1 inch)+Clove+Green cardamom:each 2
Garam masala powder:1/4 tsp
Kashmiri red chili powder:1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder
Hot water:1 cup or little more
Sugar:1 tsp
Salt to taste

Clean the potatoes,do not peel the skin & Boil the potatoes with a pinch of salt till it is 75% cooked.

Peel the skin.

Cut each potato into 4 pieces.

Heat oil in a kadai & fry the potato pieces till they turn golden from all sides.

Remove the pieces from the kadai.

Caramelize the sugar in the same oil.

Now temper with bay leaves,whole garam masala & cumin seeds in the same oil.

Add chopped onion & fry till it becomes translucent.

Add tomato,ginger-garlic & chili paste.

Cook till oil separates from sides.

Add cumin-coriander,turmeric & Kashmiri red chili powder,garam masala powder & cook in medium flame till the gravy becomes dry.

Add 1 cup or little more hot water,salt.

Add the potato pieces when the gravy starts boiling.

Cook till the gravy coats the potato pieces nicely.

Add the ghee,stir well ,remove from the flame & cover with a lid.

Your aromatic Aloor dum is ready!!

Serve it hot with Luchi/Puri or paratha.

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