Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Mix fruit vanilla custard

Milk(full cream):2  cups  
2  tablespoons cornflour 
Sugar:1/3 cup  
Eggs:2, lightly beaten   
Vanilla essence: 1 tsp
Mix fruits:1 cup

Whisk, mix milk, sugar and cornflour in a pan in medium flame.
Allow milk to boil.
Stir well to prevent cornflour from clumping on bottom edges of pan.
Remove milk mixture from heat.
Mix 2 tablespoons of boiled milk mixture into eggs using whisk, then pour eggs into milk mixture in a slow stream, whisking milk mixture constantly.
Immediately transfer pan to heat and whisk gently until custard thickens, another two or three minutes. Do not allow to boil.
If you find egg white strands in custard, pass it through a fine-mesh sieve into a different bowl now.
Remove pan from heat and stir in vanilla.
Refrigerate for 3-4 hours.
Add mix fruits & serve

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